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The Portable Hands-Free Fan

Our design concept came from the idea of outdoor / indoor activates where we want to keep cool but still be able to do the things we love doing. A great way to breeze through summer!

3 Wind Speed Mode

Adjustable Speeds Up To 6m/s. Find your right speed to keep cool.

Hands Free

The All 7 is fully functional without the use of your hands. Feel free to do what you want all while staying cool.

No Propeller

It is designed for winds to flow through not by a propeller but a uniquely designed fan system.

Rotates 180 degrees

Fully adjustable, you can change the direction of the wind to keep a certain area cool.

Keep Cool with the ALL 7

Air conditioners can be costly and fans are not easy to carry around. Keep cool with ALL 7 and have one less thing to worry about during the summer! Sports, cooking, working at the office, restaurants you name it! ALL 7 will keep you cool ALL the time.

The Fan has been carefully designed to reduce noise as well be efficient to stay cool.


Tested and redesigned to create the light portable fan which can be used by anyone as safety was a priority when designing the ALL 7

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Stay tuned as we will be launching in Indiegogo Late July. For more information please email us.

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